For Quail Hunting Ranchers, we have Flight conditioned Quail available to be dispersed throughout your ranch early September.

Triple L Quail will deliver Flight conditioned Quail to your Ranch for your own quail hunting experience.

We believe our fully feathered flight conditioned Quail will integrate with the wild quail on your ranch to increase your numbers.

Purchasing Flight conditioned Quail in early September and dispersing throughout your ranch with ample supply of cover, food, and water these Quail will thrive and create Quail hunting from the beginning to the end of Quail season.

Orders can be placed now to receive your quail for the 2019/2020 season.

It is not too late to integrate Triple L Quail on your ranch for winter and spring hunts.

We deliver any number of Quail up to 5000 per load at a reasonable freight rate.

Ranches order 1 to numerous loads of Flight Conditioned Triple L Quail to disperse on their ranches to offer Quail hunts for family and friends.