Triple L Quail Ranch 2021-2022 Hunting Rates
     From small parties to large corporate groups, Triple L Quail Ranch offers 5-star guided hunts on our 500 acre ranch in the bottom lands of Richland Chambers Creek. Experience an exciting and relaxing hunt just 40 minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth in Forreston, TX. Our guides and highly-trained pointers and flush dogs will accommodate your hunting experience and skill. Hunters have the option to choose from several different hunting packages to best fit your sporting needs.
     Triple L Quail Ranch is home to one of Texas’ finest hatcheries for Northern Bobwhite Quail and produces excellent, hard flying, fully-feathered and flight-conditioned quail. Our season is filling up quickly so make sure to call today to reserve your hunt.
     We work with a variety of hunting experience from children and newbies to seasoned pros. Our guides and dogs will give you tips and the experience to leave you and your group with memories for years to come.

All packages include:
Guide and highly trained dogs

Birds cleaned and packaged for your cooler

If you are unable to walk, our guides will drive you to a point where you can dismount and shoot

Morning 9:00-12:00 or afternoon (2:00-5:00) hunts available

Pointer Package

Half Day: $300 per hunter ($325 Friday-Sunday)

Minimum 2 hunters

20 quail per hunter

Spaniel Package

Half-Day Mix Bag: $400 per hunter ($450 Friday-Saturday)

Minimum 2 hunters

20 quail

3 chukar

2 pheasant

Retriever Package

Half Day Lunch, Hunt & Shoot: $350 per hunter ($400 Friday-Saturday)

Minimum 4 hunters

20 quail

Lunch (morning hunt) or dinner (afternoon hunt)

24 rounds of skeet shooting

Setter Package

Whole Day Hunt: $650 per hunter ($700 Friday-Sunday)

Morning and afternoon hunts

Minimum of 4 hunters

40 quail per hunter


24 rounds of skeet per person

Add Ons:
Add on to any hunting package

Mix Bag (3 checker, 2 pheasant): $100/hunter

Skeet Shooting (24 Rounds): $30/hunter

Lunch or dinner (minimum of 4 hunters): $20/hunter


Triple L Quail Ranch Reviews
     “We have hunted with Triple L Quail numerous times and always have a great hunt. Easy and close to the DFW metroplex so you don’t spend all your time traveling and get to spend more time hunting. Jared has a lot of great dogs and puts on a great hunt every time we go. We will keep coming back. If you looking for a memorable hunt, you can’t go wrong with Triple L Quail!” -John Reagan

     “I’ve hunted with Triple L Quail multiple times and keep going back! Every hunt has been great but watching those well trained dogs may be what keeps me coming back. Those pups are in their element and make for a memorable hunt. Jared the owner is very knowledgeable and runs a great outfit. If your thinking about hunting quail, this is your spot!” -Sanchez Family

     “Took my dad on a quail hunt for his birthday and we had an amazing time. The dogs are very well trained and the birds flew very well. We had such a great experience and learned so much I have been back two more times since and plan on many more trips. 30-40 min from Dallas is a huge plus, hunt in the morning and still make it home to enjoy the rest of the day.” -Mike Drendall

     “I’ve been out a couple times now with Jared and it’s always been amazing. I’ve been with the guys and also taken my son. Both times were a great time and apart from the hunt itself, watching the dogs work was beyond amazing.” -Darren Yarborough


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